Non-ferrous metal (Scraps) Trader | METAL DO CO.,LTD

Metaldo Co., Ltd. specializes in collecting and recycling a range of scrap rare metals, such as nickel,
cobalt, and titanium, as well as selling non-ferrous metal ingots, rare earth minerals, and other elements.

Surplus & Secondary, Re-Usable

We buy & sell Surplus/Secondary/ Re-Usable materials such as Titanium/Stainless steel.

Raw material for foundry, Air-melting, Vacuum melting usage.

We buy & sell new and processed scrap for foundry / air-melting / vacuum melting furnace as low cost raw material.

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Results of Cap Collection


Ecocap Movement “Used PET Bottle Cap Funding Vaccines for the World’s Children”

Our company is working “Ecocap Movement” that deliver vaccines to children around the world through NPO Cabinet Office Certified ECOCAP MOVEMENT by collecting plastic caps in our office and sell them.
Also, by recycling, we can suppress the generation of CO2 associated with incineration.

【Results 2011】Caps:5160 Vaccines:for6.45children Weights:12.9kg CO2 reduction:3.15㎏

NPO Cabinet Office Certified ECOCAP MOVEMENT