Non-ferrous metal (Scraps) Trader | METAL DO CO.,LTD

Metaldo Co., Ltd. specializes in collecting and recycling a range of scrap rare metals, such as nickel,
cobalt, and titanium, as well as selling non-ferrous metal ingots, rare earth minerals, and other elements.

Surplus & Secondary, Re-Usable

We buy & sell Surplus/Secondary/ Re-Usable materials such as Titanium/Stainless steel.

Raw material for foundry, Air-melting, Vacuum melting usage.

We buy & sell new and processed scrap for foundry / air-melting / vacuum melting furnace as low cost raw material.

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Products Handled




Nickel(Ni) Nickel cathodes, Nickel briquettes, Nickel ball, Ni powder
Cobalt(Co) Cobalt cathodes, Cobalt granules, Cobalt briquettes, Cobalt powder
Chrome(Cr) Electrolytic, Chrome, Thermic Chrome
Manganese(Mn) Electrolytic manganese
Tin(Sn) Tin ingot
Cadmium(Cd) Cadmium stick, Remelted Cadmium
Antimony(Sb) Antimony ingot
Bismuth(Bi) Bismuth ingot, Bismuth shot
Mercury(Hg) Refined Mercury
Tungsten(W) Tungsten bar, Tungsten powder
Molybdenum(Mo) Molybdenum bar, Molybdenum briquettes, Molybdenum powder
Titanium(Ti) Sponge Titanium
Tantalum(Ta) Tantalum bar, Tantalum powder
Silicon(Si) Silicon ingot(For industrial use)
Precious metal Gold, Silver, Indium, Palladium, Rhodium

Ferro alloy & Oxide

Ferro alloy Ferro Nickel, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro TungstenFerro Titanium, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Niobium
Oxide Nickel Oxide, Cobalt Oxide, Molybdenum Oxide, Tungsten Oxide,Tantalum Oxide

Scrap & Secondary

Ni-Fe-Cr bearing Pure Nickel, Incoloy, Inconel, Inver, Nichrome, A-286, NAL-AAlloy42, Carpenter, Chromel, Discaloy, Hastelloy, HyMu80, In alloy, Niresist, Ni-Span, Permalloy, Rene, Timken, Stainless andHeat-Resistant Steels(HH, HK, HS, HP, HT) Bimetals, Trimetals, Rechargeable Battery(Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Ni Oxide)
Ni-Co bearing Kover, Maraging, Magnets , Multimet, Stellite(HS), Permendur, Remendur, Waspalloy, Udimet, Nimonic, Umco, M-8B, Rechargeable Battery( Li-ion Battery)
Ni-Cu bearing Monel, Cupro(White Copper), German Silver, Eureka, Constantan
W bearing Pure Tungsten, Cemented Carbide, Heavy Metal, Copper Tungsten, Die Steel, High Speed Steel
Mo bearing Pure Molybdenum, Thermal sprayed scraps, Target
Ta bearing Tantalum for condenser, Crucible, Target, and other shapes
Cr Target
Ti bearing Pure Titanium, Titanium alloys, Off grade-sponge Titanium
Zr bearing Zirconium, Zircaloy, Crystal Bar
Precious metal Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Indium, and others
Secondary recycle Nickel bearing, Copper bearing, Titanium bearing, Stainless in form of Bar, Wire, Pipe, Seam/Seamless pipes, Outstocks, Secondary

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